Guide to Using Sub Solution Powdered Urine Kit

If you are applying for a job, you might have been asked to undergo drug test. It is a common process in the United States for employers to organize random drug tests for employees. Workplace drug testing encourages greater responsibility among workers who may cause harm to themselves or others by working under the influence.

Drug test is a straightforward and painless process. Most companies schedule the tests at random while some give a couple of days’ notice at best. While there are multiple opinions about workplace drug test, it is sure that this will stay a part of employment checks. Stereotypical drug users may be unemployed and homeless, with the inability to exert any self-control. But, the most highly educated and respected occupations are at high risk of alcohol and drug use, including physicians, lawyers, and all manner of shift workers.

Even so, workplace drug testing is an invasion of people's basic privacy. Taken out of context, and with all responsibility placed on the employee, drug testing at work also does not take into account the pressures that the work environment may place on employees Nonetheless, if you enjoy smoking blunts after a long day of work, there is nothing wrong about it.

But, it can lead to dire consequences professionally. In this article we’ll tell you how to pass a drug test easily. We also let you know the best options to choose from if you have an upcoming drug test. Products You Can Use to Clear a Drug Test The internet is full of tips, hacks, and products that claim to get rid of toxins from your body. These products come in different brands and price ranges. One of the most important things to note is that not all products work as they advertise. There are different types of drug test that your employee can ask you take.

Urine test, saliva test, hair follicle test, etc. some of the most common types. Urine and saliva tests are fairly easy to pass if you know what to do, but hair follicle tests are hard to clear. So, you need to make an informed decision. As per discussions on forums, thousands of user reviews, and expert recommendations, the top products that actually work if you have a drug test coming are - synthetic urine and detox drinks.

Synthetic Urine Synthetic urine works best if you have no time to prepare for the drug test. Synthetic urine is commonly known as fake pee. And, that is because this man-made product is the perfect replica of human urine in terms of smell, pH balance, and temperature. You can buy synthetic urine at your local med shop or online. A good fake urine kit will have urea & uric acid, making it smell and look exactly similar to the human urine sample. This kit will also come with a heat activator that raises the temperature of fake pee to the normal human temperature, making it 100% effective urine sample. Best Synthetic Urine Brands

There are four synthetic urine brands that can be used effectively to clear a drug test. Monkey Whizz and Quick Fix are high-quality products and are comparatively better than the rest. Every one of the synthetic urine reviews you read will tell you that a certain type of urine will definitely pass any type of drug test. Most of it is marketing hype, and around 80% of the synthetic urine out there is out of date, poorly made, repackaged, white-label branded, or simply doesn’t contain the ingredients needed to pass modern laboratory testing. Sub Solution Powdered Urine Kit Sub Solution is one of those products that really stands out from the rest.

It is made by a company called Clear Choice. The best part about this product is that it contains over 13 chemicals including urea and uric acid. Visit to read more about the ingredients. This product is balanced for pH and gravity. It has a natural color, foam, and even smells like real human pee. Plus, it comes with an awesome heat-activating powder and is really easy to use.

Although this brand is more expensive, the results definitely prove this is the best synthetic urine. We would say go with Sub Solution synthetic urine if you’re looking for the most “sure-thing.” Detox Drinks There is a wide range of detox drinks available in the market. You need to choose an effective one for yourself. Note that the effectiveness of a detox drink largely depends on your metabolism and usage of marijuana. THC is highly fat soluble. This means that while liver is always working to get rid of it, some of the metabolites are ‘trapped’ in the fatty cells.

The longer you’ve stoned, the more times you take weed, its potency, and your rate of metabolism are some of the major factors that determine the number of THC metabolites that end up in your fat layers, and how fast your body is able to remove them. So, if your employee has provided you enough notice about the drug test, you can opt using detox drinks. Mega Clean Detox Drink Drugs are either water-soluble or fat-soluble.

For water-soluble drugs, that means they go through your body by staying in your blood-so after a day or two, they’re flushed out of your body. Fat-soluble drugs are trickier: these kinds of drugs bind to the fat in your body and stay there, so it can take a few months before you’re sure that it’s completely out of your body. The Detoxify Mega Clean system is made up of two things: a packet of pre-cleanse pills, and a cleansing drink. Before you start taking the pills, you need to stop taking any kind of toxins for at least 24 hours. The secret to Detoxify Mega Clean’s effectivity is that it’s made up of herbs that are known as natural detox agents. It includes milk thistle, dandelion, hawthorn berry, nettle, Vitamins A and D, zinc, magnesium, and potassium that work great for flushing toxins out of your system. If you’re pressed for time and need to clean up fast before your urine test, Sub Solution or Mega Clean Detox is your best bet. It might be a bit pricey, but it’s a lot cheaper than losing your job for failing a urine test!